About the Facilities

Indoor pool

General course: 25m×6 courses
Depth of the water 1.1m – 1.2m
For infants course: 1course
Depth of the water 0.7m
It is always a warm water pool.

Outdoor pool

Pool for infants
Depth of the water 0.3-0.6m
The opening about summer vacation and the summer vacation of public school.

Guidance of the facilities use

Facilities opening time : from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

・The elementary and junior high school students without the attendant becomes the use until 6:00 p.m.The attendance person has it 18 years old or older, but high school student is impossible.

・The outdoor pool opening in the summer season becomes the use until 6:00 p.m.Depending on a state of weather and the water temperature, it may not be available.

・The use of the infant writes it at a separate table.(infant: 1 year old or more and completely got a diaper)

    Days Closed

Every Friday, third Thursday

  • ・In the case of a holiday, we are opened, and the next day becomes the closure.
  • ・We are always opened during the period in the summer vacation of the public school.
  • ・We may change it without a notice on a closed day.
  • ・It is around four days by irregular boiler check.
  • ・The year-end and New year holidays: From December 28 to January 4.
  • The personal fee for use(two hours from entrance to leaving)

    Personal division

    The summer season (from May to October)

    The winter season (from November to April)

    Elementary and junior high school students
    110yen 160yen
    High school students
    160yen 210yen
    The general public
    320yen 390yen
    Elderly person:65-69 years old
    160yen 190yen

    30 yen of locker charges is necessary.

      65-69 years old: Please bring an identification of elderly person.

  • For example, shirubā techō.
  • For example, silver certificate.
    • In the applicable one, the fee for use becomes free as follows.

  • infant: 1 year old or more and completely got a diaper
  • A person resident in Fukuoka-shi 70 years or older.
  • The person with a disability resident in Fukuoka-shi and attendance.(Please bring a disability certificate.)
    • When the use exceeds two hours, an excess rate is necessary.

  • Under one hour.・・・50%
  • It is less than two hours more than one hour.・・・100%
  • Explanatory Notes


  • ・Don’t put it other than the swimsuit.
  • ・Please wear the swimming cap by all means.
    • Before swimming

  • ・Please lock the locker by all means.
  • ・Please dropping the makeup or a hair conditioner well.
  • ・Please enter the pool after taking a shower.
  • In a shower room, Can’t use shampoo and the soap.
    • In the pool

  • ・The one less than 125cm tall, please use a course for infants.
  • ・Please take off accessories, jewelry and the contact lens.
  • ・Can’t bring in food, camera, watch, the cell-phone.
  • ・As for the drink, a container is not damaged and the thing with a stopper is possible.
  • ・You can bring the glasses into the poolside, but can’t use it in the pool.
  • ・Prohibition: Jump into a pool, running the poolside and exceed a fence.
  • ・Do not use a float, a beach ball, the diving tool.
  • ・But the doughnut-shaped float is available for only an outdoor pool.
  • The use of the infant

    (infant: 1 year old or more and completely got a diaper)

    General course: For one infant, an attendant of one protector in a swimsuit is necessary.

    Infant course&outdoor pool: For two infant, an attendant of one protector in a swimsuit is necessary.

    The attendance person has it 18 years old or older, but high school student is impossible.

    ・You can rent the swimming float in the pool room.

    ・Please finish the urine and feces of the infant at the time of the use.